May 23rd, 2007

Theme Update

It’s been a while since the reboot, ummh almost a month, I tends to update a few things and today I manage to give more style to the commenting area.

Styling the odd and even comment, and adding a couple plugins such us Author Highlight, Gravatars2, and Subscribe to Comments. All the plugins I use is listed on my About page now. Thanks a bunch for those generous and creative programmer, what can I do without them :) I also add comment number, I’ve always been wondering how to create such number, it turn out just a simple editing to the comments.php file.. well it’s easy if you know PHP language, but not me.

Tomorrow I plan to upgrade my WordPress, well I’m a big fan of WordPress but I don’t really keep up to the latest version. It’s only 23 days ago since my last upgrade, and now WordPress has release newer version, the WordPress 2.2 “Getz”.

So go on, feel free to write comments and see the result.

I’ve manage to upgrade the WordPress version yesterday, yaayyy…. hopefully nothing going wrong.

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9 Responses to “ Theme Update ”

  1. Thomas Arie says:

    Nice modifications ndut…

    Anyway, what about making the “MyBlogLog”? Why not give it white background color?

    Overall.. i love it. :D

  2. cinila says:

    Thanks mas :D ,
    iya kali ya putih lebih bagus, ntar deh sekalian upgrade WP-nya..

  3. Rian says:

    Mbak, template CSS boleh ndak saya pakai untuk blog saya…

  4. cinila says:

    @Rian : I feel flattered tapi maaf yah untuk saat ini aku nggak bisa ngebagi template-nya, kalo cuma untuk dipelajari sih gpp… lagian aku yakin Rian bisa bikin yang lebih bagus dari ini…

  5. Lala says:

    test comment setelah upgrade ke WP 2.2

  6. Zawa says:

    Good work jeng…

  7. achmadbiz says:

    Keren mbak :), warna warna lembut memanjakan mata :).

  8. ekSi says:

    Lucu bangeeett… Bikin adeem ngeliatnyaa… Bikin template dong, nanti saya pasti download deh :D hehehee

    Keren kerennn… ;)

  9. nanang says:

    Sangat bagus dan unik. :D Gambarnya bagus tapi ringan di load. Hmm nice …